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GEOLITH's unique processes are designed to extract the lithium from brines, which currently accounts for almost half of the world's lithium supply.

The technologies developed in our laboratories and design offices are based on microfibers-based materials with selective absorption properties, which will act as a “filter” to selectively capture lithium or unwanted contaminants.


Li-Capt process allows direct extraction of lithium. It can be applied to all waters and brines such as:

  • Deep geothermal energy

  • Oil production waters

  • Salar brines


Li-Mag process allows the purification of concentrated lithium brines. It can be intégrated inexisting production facilities from salars evaporation processes to increase extraction yield (up to x2 on production and reserves thanks to magnesium removal).


Our processes act almost immediately, unlike current methods, which require a treatment time of up to 24 months.


  • Direct and instantaneous extraction process

  • Clean technologies, eco-responsible, zero waste

  • Treatment of low concentration brines

  • Groundwater compatibility up to 80°C

  • Ease of implementation

  • Conventionnal and modular water treatment type installations

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