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Lithium Geolith

The lithium market


Strong growth demand

Increasing the production of lithium is a strategic issue for a Successful Energy Transition. The increase in the number of electric vehicles is boosting global demand for this metal, which is used to manufacture their batteries. Lithium Production must be multiplied by 8 over the next 10 years to meet these needs.


Production is far away and very impactful

Globally, lithium comes from two origins:

  • Almost half from Latin American salars (Chile, Argentina and Bolivia). Lithium is extracted from brines after a long treatment and evaporation process (almost 24 months).

  • The other half is extracted from rock ores from quarries mainly located in Australia, China, North America and Canada.

Unfortunately current mining techniques have a major environmental footprint and require significant extraction times.


A necessary awareness

Faced with the growing needs of battery manufacturers, new resources and forms of extraction must be implemented. Cleaner and more environmentally friendly, they must open up access to less concentrated lithium deposits, thereby broadening the possible fields of production.

GEOLITH has been working towards this goal since its creation. Its innovative and eco-responsible technologies provide new solutions for extracting lithium from geothermal and oil production waters not yet exploited to date.


Lithium in Europe for a new industrial sector

Thanks to GEOLITH's processes, the lithium present in sufficient quantity in the geothermal waters of the Rhine Valley can be extracted and make the countries of Europe independent in their supply, while at the same time giving birth to a new industrial sector of Sustainable Mining.

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