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Jean-Philippe GIBAUD

CEO Founder


Jean-Philippe GIBAUD has created GEOLITH in 2016 to develop innovative lithium production processes. A graduated Engineer from "Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble", he has notably worked within the Suez and Schlumberger groups. Throughout his career, he has sold and managed large industrial projects in the water treatment, geothermal, mining and oil sectors. In particular, Jean-Philippe managed the company that  most geothermal wells in France. It was on this occasion that he measured the interest of extracting lithium from geothermal brines.

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Director of Operations


Didier MUSCHALLE joined GEOLITH in 2017 as a partner and COO, with 35+ years of experience in the construction and maintenance of industrial facilities. He has a technical background and a diploma from the high business school ICSV. He worked as a manager for the Engie-Ineo and Eiffage-Clemessy groups and managed various entities in the industrial sector. For nearly 15 years, he worked with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) on the construction of its accelerators and in particular the LHC. Didier is specialized in the organization and management of operations, the production of prototype equipment and their industrialization process.

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Guillaume GROS

Head of Research and Development


Guillaume GROS joined GEOLITH in 2018 to participate in the company's research and development work. Holder of a PhD in organic chemistry, specialist in polymers and materials, he started his career in a start-up company working on new absorbents and processes for the filtration of metals in industrial effluents. Guillaume participates in all of the company's developments, contributing his  scientific skills and his analysis of new markets, and keeps a continuous technological watch.

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Ghizlène ZENASNI

Doctoral Research Engineer


Ghizlène ZENASNI joined GEOLITH's research programs in 2019. Holder of a Masters degree in materials chemistry, she is specialized in inorganic nano-materials. She works mainly on the Li-Capt technology for the realization of a thesis under the guidance of Guillaume GROS and Professor Jean-François HOCHEPIED of Mines ParisTech.

Experts and advisers


To guide its research work and validate its scientific choices, GEOLITH relies on the skills of a strategic committee and a scientific committee, which bring together experts from the sectors of chemistry, water treatment, prototyping, development of industrial units, geology and finance. Some are also investors in the company.


Strategic Committee

  • Jean-Georges MALCOR, former CEO of CGG, Chairman of CORIMER and member of the Board of Directors of ST Microelectronics, Atlas Arteria, Fives and Ortec

  • Dominique BOUVIER, former CEO of ENTREPOSE CONTRACTING and Deputy CEO of DERGREMONT and Chairman of EVOLEN (Oil services operator, New Energies)

  • Philippe DEGREMONT, Executive Director at Julius Baer private banking, Luxembourg

  • Franck BOGET, Founder and former Chairman of the Management board AZULIS CAPITAL


Scientific committee

  • Christian FOUILLAC, former Scientific Director at BRGM, former Président Andra's Scientific Council

  • Philippe GISLETTE, former Scientific Director of SUEZ

  • Philippe HOCQUET, former Director of R&D centers at SCHLUMBERGER

  • Patrice GUGUIN former Manager of desalination and industrial water projects SUEZ / DEGREMONT


Numerous scientific, financial, private and institutional partners accompany and support GEOLITH in its development.


GEOLITH would like to thank them for their collaboration and their commitment which enables GEOLITH to demonstrate the effectiveness of its solutions for the development of new lithium resources that have not been exploited to date.

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Our Team in Orsay

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