GEOLITH process solutions apply to installations treating water or brine naturally charged with lithium (deep geothermal water, oil waters and salt brines). Our Li-Mag process is specific to the purification of the lithium brines produced on existing salars, which allows up to double the production. Our Li-Capt process aims to extract lithium directly from the brine, even at low concentrations (50 to 500 mg / l) while guaranteeing profitable exploitation.


1. Deep geothermal energy

The water flowing through deep geothermal plants at high flow rates can be so concentrated that the lithium requirements for 20 to 100,000 electric vehicles per year can be met from a single plant.


2. Oil production waters

The water extracted with petroleum from current wells is also often loaded with lithium. With a very large number of wells in service, the resources are considerable.


3. The salars

Many salars are not exploited because the conditions for economic operations are not met with current natural evaporation processes.


GEOLITH solutions are aimed at each of these 3 applications



In 2019, GEOLITH obtained the support of ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) for its Li-Capt R&D program in collaboration with MinesParisTech. Within this framework, a pilot demonstrator will be carried out on a deep geothermal installation in Alsace near Strasbourg where the lithium concentrations are significant (120 to 200 mg/l). Currently under construction, the GEOLITH pilot will be commissioned by the end of 2020.


At the end of the tests scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, a larger unit will be envisaged in order to reach a first level of industrial production.

Geothermal pilot

Installed on the geothermal site and connected directly to the reinjection circuit, the GEOLITH pilot will operate in real operating conditions (up to 70°C and 36 bars).

The tests carried out will enable process parameters in order to optimize future industrial plant.

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